Wadi Hidan

Wadi Hidan is a really easy wadi: easy to reach if you have your own car; easy to hike/swim if you’re good at both of those things. We even took a 4 year old, which shows just how easy it is. If you have a second car, you can walk/swim the whole wadi and exit at a later point, but if like us you only have one car you can enter and exit at the same point.

The point where we entered and exited the wadi can be downloaded here.


Entrance to the Wadi
Helpful directions
Volcanic lava flow as you enter the wadi


The first pool


There is a small waterfall to get to the second pool – make sure you can get back up it before you continue
Crossing the big pool with armbands and the lid of the icebox as a float



Wadi Hidan can get really busy at weekends, so the best time to visit is on a week day (if you’re lucky enough to have resigned your job and don’t have to be in the office during the week) and even better if you go during Ramadan – you will have the whole place entirely to yourselves.

If you don’t have your own transportation, or don’t feel confident about doing this wadi alone, you can get in touch with Tropical Desert Trips who organise guided trips to this wadi and others.





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