Dana RSCN Reserve

We hardly ever stay in RSCN reserves, mostly because we prefer to camp on our own, but prompted by some friends we stayed in the Rumana Campsite and had a lovely walk around the area.

First thing we noticed was the huge difference in the vegetation when goats are not allowed to graze and when people are not allowed to collect firewood.

We had some trouble making the booking through Wild Jordan in Amman, so its worth bearing in mind that you should call more than once to check your booking and make sure the manager of the camp knows the reservation has been made, otherwise you might find there’s no one to meet you.

View from the top
We walked into the camp instead of taking the shuttle




One useful thing to know (for future camping trips in the area) is that just before the turning to the Rumana camp, there is a small spring (عين لحظة) where you can fill up on drinking water.

A young bedouin girl who was filling up her jerry cans told us the name of the spring
The building around Ain Lahtha




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